MARCH 22, 2022


The Auto Spare Parts and Machinery Dealers Association (ASPMDA) has elected a new president at the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex, Brother James Umeji (Jim Best). He has spoken about the fact that even though it has been more than two months after being sworn in as the president, of the biggest auto spare parts market in West Africa, the caretaker committee before him have still not handed over properties and assets to his new committee.

Historically the elections have been less than fair, this time around it has not been the case.

The president stated the lengthy non-handover of the properties of the association by the Sunny Igboanuze led caretaker committee has led to a slower start to positive changes being made.

With the backing of market members, the pile of refuse in the market has been removed, power supply restored; and has also led to the construction of ASPMDA-Abule-Ado link road.

The plan is for the ASPMDA -Omonile road project to be completed by mid April 2022. He would like to start repair or change the drainage systems that cause road issues and flooding during the rainy season and make market traffic hindrances for a smoother flow through.

He’s said to have wanted to build a road to the Ojo Army barracks.

Decisions made at the general meeting comprise of dissolving all the committees in the market, appointing the new members of constitution review committee and appealing to those in possession of the properties of the market to return them with immediate effect, along with other topics. 

Source: Sun News Online, February 2022