May 17th to 19th 2022,  Landmark Centre in Lagos, Nigeria  +44 (0) 2476 158100

Did you Know?

Used cars outnumber new cars by 131 to 1 on Nigeria’s roads.

Who Exhibits?

West Africa Automotive Show is all about vehicle parts, accessories, components, and consumables. It also features the tools and equipment needed to provide automotive services.

Anything relating to cars, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, mopeds and scooters, and any other motorised road vehicles will have a presence at West Africa Automotive Show. Powertrains, chassis, body parts, interiors, accessories, and modification are all catered for.

Sectors represented at West Africa Automotive Show will include:

Auto-parts and Components

Engines – gas/gasoline/petrol, diesel/B, hybrid, electric, natural gas, LPG, fuel efficient



Clutch, gear boxes, manual, automatic, cruise control

Starter motors, ignition systems

Body parts


Interior trim and soft furnishings

Air conditioning

Charging accessories (adaptors, plugs, cables)




Security, immobilisers


brakes, alloys, axles, shock absorbers

Digital and Electronics

Lights, bulbs, indicators, fuses

Parking sensors

Audio, video entertainment,

Sat nav / GPS navigation / car dash-cams

Repair, Care and Maintenance

Oils, lubricants, filters

Car wash, wiper blades, polish and waxes

Paints / finishes


Body repair fillers

Workshop tools and equipment

Disposal and recycling / refurb / recondition / renewed parts

Hand tools

Wheels and Tyres

Tyres & wheels


Chrome accessories

Tuning accessories

Windows, tinting


Mountings – roof rack, trailers, tow bars, roof boxes

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