May 16th to 18th 2023,  Landmark Centre in Lagos, Nigeria  +44 (0) 2477 298626

Did you Know?

Over 60% of cars on Nigeria’s roads are more than 12 years old, and only 11% are under five years old.

Why Exhibit?

With just over 220 million people living in Nigeria alone, West Africa Automotive Show gives you un-paralleled access to one of the world’s last untapped markets.

It is projected that by 2030 Nigeria will be the world’s third most populous country behind China and India. As of 2021, Nigeria is the world’s 20th largest economy world wide, worth more than $500 billion and $1 trillion in terms of nominal GDP and purchasing power parity respectively. It overtook South Africa to become Africa’s largest economy in 2014.

The commercial hub of the country Lagos has over 21 million inhabitants and is the largest city in Africa, in fact, Lagos State’s GDP is $131 billion in its own right, making it the 6th largest economy in Africa.

By exhibiting at West Africa Automotive Show you will meet over 4500 professionals from the whole spectrum of the automotive industry, from importers and dealers through to mechanics, and fleet maintenance personnel.

Our unique experience of running events in West Africa gives us an unrivalled ability to deliver your target audience.

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