JUNE 7, 2018


Eternity Technologies Limited has announced the appointment of African Automotive Limited, the parent company of Infinity Tyres Limited, as exclusive distributors of its products.

African Automotive said in a statement that its appointment by Eternity Technologies was based on its rapid diversification into renewable energy solutions, standby and telecom network power sector.

According to the statement, Eternity Technologies, being a world-class manufacturer of motive power, network power, block batteries for cyclic applications, chargers and accessories, sought a firm with standard energy solutions in Nigeria.

African Automotive said its exclusive partnership with Eternity Technologies would open exciting opportunities in the Nigerian market for top quality solutions in the banking, telecom, traction and other standby power segments.

The statement said African Automotive would back up its diversified venture by dedicating a team of professionals, who would consult, design solutions, specify and supply suitable products, and support the business with the help of superior after sales service experience.

It said Eternity Technologies, based in the United Arab Emirates, had developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilising the latest design, manufacturing processes and customer-focused management systems to not only meet the needs of the global power market, but define them for the future.

The statement added that Eternity Technologies had positioned itself to meet the demanding needs of the global industrial market in a unique operation.

The Director, African Automotive Limited, Mr. A.S. Chadha, expressed his immense gratitude to their Nigerian customers, whose loyalty to the Infinity brand had made the group grow from strength to strength over the last 30 years.