Locally built Mini-Cars revealed as new Taxi Service Vehicles

Africar (Vasco Technology Solutions Limited) have launched a new taxi service alongside the NADDC.

115 cars have been unveiled by Otunba Niyi Adebayo (Minister of Trade and Industry) produced in Nigeria.

The Stallion Groups newest platform,  Africar will not only create jobs but also offer reasonably priced trips, this could revolutionise the transport sector in Nigeria.

The director general of the NADDC is of the opinion that every type of person is to benefit from the launch; tourists, employees, visitors, students and the general community alike. It will make travel to the centre from all different suburban sectors an easy commute. He also said that the NADDC is promoting cutting-edge technology and always putting local automotive manufacture at the forefront of their projects.

The vehicles were all built at the Von Plant of Stallion Group in Lagos said Sahil Vaswani, the CEO of Africar, who also spoke. The Bajaj Qute cars have been deliberately manufactured for the taxi service by the firm and the NADDC, and will expand to other states in the future.

“This car is environmentally benign, with 50% fewer carbon emissions than the ordinary car”, he claimed. It was built in Nigeria by Nigerians.

Source:  Abdas, September 2022

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