APRIL 21, 2022


TotalEnergies rebrands its lubricants in an effort to reaffirm their clean energy commitments.

TotalEnergies engineers and vends lubricants worldwide as a major player in the industrial, automotive and maritime sectors.

Managing Director of TotalEnergies Dr Seye Samba spoke at the new lubricant launch advising of new colours, new labels and a more ergonomic design to be expected when it hits the market.

Dr Samba said: “We are a leading global manufacturer and marketer of lubricants, with 42 production sites around the world. Here in Nigeria, we have our lubricant and bitumen blending plants in Lagos and Koko, Delta State.

“We have lubricant storage plants in all parts of the country as well as employees that are committed to providing energy that is more affordable, cleaner and more reliable as well as accessible to as many people as possible.”

In addition to new design, he said the lubricants division contributes to the company’s ambition to offer cleaner energy, adding that a reduction in the weight of cans will prevent the emission of 9,500 tons of CO2 equivalent each year owing to raw materials savings.

With these new cans, he said consumers can identify the product they need at a glance, due to the color coding.

“The colour codes show platinum for top-tier, silver for mid-tier and bronze for entry range products. Buyers can then zoom in on the product they need by checking the new label, which is much clearer and easier to read”, he added.

Source: The Guardian, December 2021